Admissions to Peaceful Path Collective is open to all families regardless of race, creed, color, culture, national origin, religious beliefs, spiritual beliefs, marital status or sexual preferences. 

Admissions Process

Step 1: Contact us to request the application.

Step 2: Fill out and send back application.

Step 3: Schedule a tour where we can meet your entire family.  This is the time where we will discuss your child’s interests and needs, go over your goals and expectations, and explain our procedures and philosophies to make sure we are a great fit for your family.  We believe that school is an extension of the family so we hope that our school philosophy is consistent with your family values.


1 day a week          $300/month- half day          $600/month-full day

2 days a week         $600/month- half day          $1200/month-full day

3 days a week         $900/month- half day          $1800/month-full day

4 days a week         $2400/month- half day        $1200/month-full day

5 days a week         $1500/month- half day        $3000/month-full day

*Included in tuition are all meals, snacks, diapers, and wipes.*

*Early drop off and late pick up available.*

**No Contract Drop-in care for $20/hour.

Please contact us to schedule your child.**