Dress Code

Peaceful Path Collective believes a growing personal identity should not be confused or overshadowed with commercialized clothing.


Peaceful Path Collective takes an open-ended approach to gender development. By supporting gender fluidity we ask parents to minimize sending their children in “pink frilly” or “macho truck” outfits.  Dressing a child can often stretch the stereotype beyond wardrobe. We believe by removing gender assigned fashion, you are expanding your child’s horizon.


Our dress code allows children to be less distracted and therefore feel more empowered to develop their unique identities at school.


-No logos or branded characters (Disney princesses, Marvel superheros, etc…)

-No accessories (jewelry, bows, sequins, sparkles, adornments, etc…)

-To make diaper changes quick and easy:

          -Pants must be elastic waist without buttons, zippers, or ties. 



*Please note that daily free time activities include access to our creative play and dress up area, where children are free to explore all types of clothing, costumes and child-size dress up uniforms.